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Remodeling a bathroom takes a lot of planning. With so many ways to reinvent your bathroom space, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. Bathroom renovations are one of the most popular home renovations because they offer such rewarding outcomes, financially and otherwise. Wondering how to start remodeling a bathroom? 

Here are 10 steps to remodel a bathroom:

1. Create a Reasonable Budget

This is one of the first steps in renovating a bathroom. Your budget is going to determine the scope of possibilities for your new bathroom. Bathroom remodels are an expensive project. Since bathrooms are prone to moisture, your materials need to be good quality and appropriate for moist conditions. You also need to factor in labour, fixtures and other costs. Bathroom renovations require different types of subcontractors like plumbers, electricians, tile contractors or carpenters to complete the project. This means that your project may take longer than a different type of renovation.

Typically, the longer a project goes on, the more expensive it’s going to be. Hiring a professional designer for your bathroom remodel can help you stay on budget. They will know what steps need to be taken and can be a great asset to your project.

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2. Dealing with Demolition

To update your bathroom, you need to demolish the old one. It’s typically a task that can be completed quickly, within a day or two, but it creates a significant amount of dust, dirt and noise. Demolition should be done with the proper protective equipment including gloves, protective eyeglasses and a dual-cartridge respirator. If someone in your household has respiratory challenges, it may be a good idea to take a couple of days away from the house while the demolition is being done so that the dust does not cause health issues for anyone.


3. Order Products Ahead

You don’t want to have unnecessary delays in your remodel project. Sometimes, products and materials can be out of stock when you order them. To avoid running into a situation where the fixtures you want are unavailable, order your products as soon as possible. Since you’ll be dealing with multiple contractor schedules, you don’t want them to stop work because they’re waiting for materials to arrive; only to find that when the items are in stock, your contractors are no longer available to do the work. So, plan ahead.

4. Choose Bath-Appropriate Surfaces

As we mentioned earlier, your bathroom is prone to moisture, therefore the materials you install should be appropriate for bathrooms.

Bathrooms also become hot and steamy, and materials that aren’t designed for this kind of exposure will deteriorate quickly or create conditions that are potentially dangerous to the members of your household.

For your bathroom floor, porcelain tile is one of the best options. It comes in various shapes, sizes and colours and is more durable than ceramic tile.

Make sure that the tiles in your bathroom are slip-resistant whether they’re on the floor or in your shower.

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5. Plan for Surprises

Since the bathroom remodel process can be complicated, it’s best to have the right mindset before you begin your bathroom project. Keep in mind that there may be some unexpected issues that come up along the way. You may discover some underlying problems as the project gets underway that you could not have predicted before the project began. One thing you can do is to have your contractors assess the space to see if they can detect any hidden issues. If you’d like a more detailed assessment, a home inspector or a building engineer can look at your bathroom to see if there are any code violations or any other issues.

6. Avoid Change Orders

If you start to make changes to your project after work has commenced, you’ll run into additional costs that will eat away at your budget. Try to avoid making changes to your design or other aspects of your bathroom that deviate from the original plan. This is why it’s important to take ample time in deciding what you want before the project begins.

7. Build a Safe Bath

Due to all the moisture and steam that is associated with bathrooms, there’s a high chance of slip and falls that may happen particularly when stepping out of the shower or getting out of the tub. Think about installing grab bars near your tub for increased safety in your bathroom. Many people cringe when they hear the term “grab bars” because they think they will mess up their design. However, there are many different styles of grab bars that serve more than a practical purpose, but an aesthetic one as well.

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8. Identify Storage Requirements

Most bathrooms could use more storage. This is the perfect time to explore ways of increasing your storage in your new bathroom which is important if the bathroom is being shared by multiple people. Ask your designer for some bathroom remodeling ideas that incorporate more storage into your new bathroom.

9. Improve Lighting

A well-lit bathroom makes a huge difference. It makes the space look brighter and adds warmth to the room. Another good reason to consider more lighting in your bathroom is that it makes the bathroom safer. A poorly lit bathroom increases the chances of someone tripping or falling. Consider having both ambient and task lights in your bathroom. Ambient lighting gives general light throughout the room like ceiling lights or recessed lights. Task lighting is installed in specific areas for specific purposes. For example, for make-up application, shaving or other tasks that require good lighting.

10. Upgrade Ventilation System

Your bathroom needs a highly effective ventilation system. Installing a ceiling vent fan is the best way to expel humid air and filter out the unpleasant odours. You want to be able to prevent condensation on your bathroom floors because this is what makes your floors slippery and increases the chances of accidents in the bathroom. A good ventilation system will also prevent your bathroom from having a musty smell and allows your towels to dry quicker.

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Successfully renovating your bathroom is a task that requires sufficient planning. With many elements to consider, the best way to stay on top of your bathroom remodel is to hire professional bathroom contractors like Moose Kitchen and Bath. Give us a call today to learn more about our bathroom renovation services! 

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