Bathroom renovations are one of the best ways to improve the look and value of your home. But where do you begin when taking on small bathroom renovation? The best place to start is with a bathroom renovation checklist. This will make sure everything from functionality to design meets your high standards. 

Let’s look at how to plan and bathroom renovation including small bathroom reno ideas that will turn your space into a spa-like oasis.

Consider your family lifestyle

One of the first steps in a bathroom reno is deciding how you plan on using your bathroom. Every bathroom is different so start by reviewing the bathroom floor plan to see how much space you have to work with and whether an expansion is necessary.



If you have a larger household or someone with special needs living in your home who requires a wheelchair or elderly person, you may need to consider making your bathroom larger to better serve their mobility issues. This may include enough space to move a wheelchair or walker around, adjusting counter heights, or a bathtub designed for easy step-in access.



Do you have to get a small army ready for school every morning or is your bathroom your escape where you and a partner get ready? Your lifestyle will help determine what important amenities you require in your bathroom such as double sinks and mirrors vs luxuries like a built-in steam room.



Bathrooms have to store countless items like personal care products, linens, and styling tools. No one wants a cluttered vanity, so considering the amount of storage you will need is important during the planning stage.

Consider budget

Washroom renovations don’t have to break the bank. But careful planning can ensure you can enjoy the elements that are important to you and still stay within budget. When planning any renovation project it is important to consider the possibility of cost overruns, so always budget an extra 10%.


Break your budget down into construction elements including:

  • Plumbing and fixtures
  • Lighting
  • Storage 
  • Sinks and faucets
  • Paint, trim, and detailing
  • Flooring

Your bathroom renovation expert can help you create a plan that reflects your needs and budget. 

Consider additional construction

Bathroom renovations may require additional construction such as getting into walls to reach plumbing and electricity services. You may also have to knock out walls to expand the size of your bathroom. Plan for possible disruption to your day-to-day life while your construction team makes the necessary improvements to your bathroom.

Optimizing space

When renovating you want to optimize space so you can easily use the different areas of your bathroom with ease. Look at how you use each space in your bathroom carefully so you can develop a layout that best reflects your needs.


Toilet area

Work to minimize the impact of this space. Create a separate space within the bathroom using a wall or door for additional privacy.


Shower and bathtub

Leave enough space for easy access to your bathtub and shower. Avoid blocking access with cabinets.



Create a space of approximately 8 inches around your bathroom vanity or sink. This will allow you easy access and movement around your sink. Build counters high or low enough to address the needs of the user. For example, if someone in your home requires a wheelchair, then a counter height of 32 to 34 inches is ideal.


Lighting is a key element when planning your bathroom renovation. You want to ensure you are getting enough light to make getting ready in the morning easy. But you may also want to be able to adjust lighting for different uses such as relaxing in the tub at the end of the day.


General light

Adjusted to blend with the room’s existing lighting sources. Works well with recessed, hanging, and track lighting paired with a dimmer switch to let you create the perfect atmosphere.


Specific light

Want to give a particular area of your bathroom a little more light? Specific lighting lets you customize your experience letting you highlight particular areas of your bathroom for safety and usability.


Decorative lighting

A bathroom doesn’t have to be bland. Add decorative lighting to your bathroom to create a feeling of luxury and improve functionality.


Create a space that is comfortable for you and your family. Consult with your bathroom renovation expert to create spaces within your bathroom that meet the individual needs of users. Ensure that counters are at the right height and that fixtures are accessible and easy to use.

Choosing materials

One of the best parts of any bathroom renovation is choosing materials. Bathrooms allow you to create space that is a reflection of your design elements that are important to you.



If you are looking to upgrade your shower, choose materials that can stand up to water and heat. Customize your shower with unique tile designs and glass doors. 



Choose a toilet that will reduce water usage to save you money. The most common toilet designs are: one-piece, two-piece, wall mount



Sinks come in a large selection of material options from custom sink designs to classic vitreous china or stainless steel.


Cabinets and storage

Choose materials that are durable and able to withstand exposure to heat and moisture. The most common cabinet materials are melamine, PVC, and glass.



Countertops have to stand up to a lot of use. Choose materials that will not scratch and offer a solid surface for daily use such as laminate and tiles. Add extra luxury to your bathroom with a marble or granite finish.


Having the right ventilation system can prevent the growth of mold due to exposure to moisture and heat. A fan will remove excess moisture from the room so you can enjoy using your bathroom in comfort. Fans should have an exhaust capacity of approximately 25 litres per second.

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