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Kitchen cabinets are the crowning jewel of your kitchen. They set the tone and are one of the first things people notice in a kitchen. When remodeling a kitchen, your choice of kitchen cabinets is an important decision. You’ll need to decide whether you plan to install stock vs custom cabinets. The best option for your kitchen will depend on your budget and what your vision is for your new kitchen. Looking at the pros and cons of both options can help you make a sound decision.

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What are Stock Cabinets?

Many people assume that stock cabinets are readily available upon order, and all they have to do is walk into a cabinet retailer, pick out their cabinets, and they will be delivered right away.

The reality is that stock cabinets often need to be ordered ahead of time, and you may find yourself having to wait for a while for your choice to come into stock again.

These types of cabinets are pre-designed and come in a standard size – beginning with a width of 9 inches and increasing by 3-inch increments up to a width of 48 inches.

When it comes to height, stock cabinets are generally 30 inches or 33 inches. In rare cases, you may be able to find taller stock cabinets, but these are typically for high-end kitchens.

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Pros of Stock Cabinets

  • Readily Available

One of the many benefits of stock kitchen cabinets is that they are produced in large quantities, therefore, making them available sooner than custom cabinets. However, you may still have to wait a little while if you choose a popular set. The good news is that the wait time is usually short. The availability of materials plays a huge part in getting the renovation project done within your projected timeline, so going with stock cabinets can reduce the chances of having to stall the project while you wait for the cabinets to arrive.

  • Simple Installation

Some people prefer to handle their kitchen renovations themselves as a DIY project. If this is the case, stock kitchen cabinets offer easy installation for a standard kitchen. This is because they come in standard sizes and can easily be fit into your new kitchen.

  • Affordable

Choosing stock cabinets is a great way to save some money. Since they are mass-produced, you can expect to pay a lower price on these while still having beautiful cabinets you love.

  • Easy Replacement

If your cabinets become damaged, replacing your module unit is much easier to do if you have stock cabinets. The process is straightforward. Simply call the vendor and order the replacement using the exact item number you used for your previous order.

Cons of Stock Kitchen Cabinets

  • Limited Design Choices

Since stock kitchen cabinets are mass-produced, your options are limited to the designs, size, and colors that are available. This could be a problem if you have a custom kitchen and are looking for versatility in not only design but size as well. 

  • Less Durable

The quality of the materials used for standard cabinets tends to be lower, this means that stock cabinets will show signs of wear and tear a lot sooner than their custom counterparts. Stock kitchen cabinets last between 10 to 15 years. The use of low-quality materials also means that you will be unable to refinish your stock cabinets. The only option is to replace them.

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  • Require Fillers

Since stock kitchen cabinets are only available in 3-inch increments for the width, you may need to use fillers to fill in the gaps if they do not fit perfectly in your kitchen. If your kitchen has a unique layout, finding stock cabinets that will fit in your kitchen may be challenging.

  • High Demand

Since many people opt for stock kitchen cabinets, the color and style of the cabinets you want may not be available when you want them. This could mean that you’ll have to wait for an extended period of time to get your choice.

What are Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Custom-built kitchen cabinets are cabinets that are made to order. Everything about them is tailored to meet the customer’s specifications down to the type of materials and finish used. This level of control over the finished product excites many homeowners because they can have unique kitchen cabinets that no one else has.

Pros of Custom Cabinets

  • Perfect Fit

Custom kitchen cabinets are designed specifically for your kitchen space. This guarantees that your custom cabinets will fit like a glove.

  • Durable

Custom cabinets are typically made out of high-quality materials that provide far more durability than stocked cabinets. Generally, custom cabinets have a lifespan of 15 years or more.

  • Custom Look

The appearance of custom cabinets can be tailored to suit the preferences of the customer. Everything from color to texture, handle style and placement, and other specifications. The options are limitless, and you get exactly what you want.

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Cons of Custom Cabinets

  • Expensive

The ability to design your own kitchen cabinets to your liking comes at a cost. The price of custom cabinets is typically double that of stock cabinets. And in some cases, it’s even higher.

  • Long Wait Times

You cannot rush custom cabinets. Building cabinets from scratch based on what a customer wants takes time – usually at least 6 weeks.

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  • Hiring Experts

You’ll need to find an experienced cabinet designer who is able to implement exactly what you want. Finding someone with this level of skill can take some time.

  • Not Best When Selling Home

Custom cabinets reflect your personal preferences. If you are planning to put your house on the market soon, installing custom cabinets is probably not a good idea because potential owners may not like them. And knowing that they will need to spend more to special order new cabinets when they want to replace them can be a deterrent.

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Wondering whether you should go with custom kitchen cabinets vs stock cabinets? Moose Kitchen and Bath can help you make the best choice for your home from our wide variety of quality stock and custom cabinets. Call Moose Kitchen and Bath for professional kitchen cabinet installation you can count on.

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