Any kind of home renovation project is a big undertaking, but a bathroom remodel feels even more nerve-wracking! Somehow you have to balance form and function; making sure everything works and everything looks good. Let’s take a look at everything you need to consider before you begin the bathroom renovation process.

Communicate With Your Contractor

Never assume your contractor knows how you want something to look. Treat your home remodel project like a delicate medical procedure. Walk through the plan with your remodelling team and walk through it again, so nothing is accidentally demoed or placed in the wrong location. It might seem like a tedious process for both parties, but at the end of the day, both sides will appreciate the open lines of communication.

How Much Do Bathroom Renovations Cost?

It’s important to consider budget and cost before you start a bathroom remodelling project. Unfortunately, these types of jobs aren’t cheap. While you can make some minor cosmetic changes for a couple of thousand dollars, a true overhaul and redesign of your bathroom typically starts at an average of $10,00 and can go up to $25,000 or more, depending on the quality of materials and intricacy of the bathroom’s design.

Factor in that nearly a third of your costs will come from plumbing and fixtures, about 20% for labour, and the rest for everything else. Also, be sure to add in as much as 10% extra funds for possible cost overruns and unforeseen circumstances during the construction process. It happens to everyone.

Choose the Right Tiles and Grout

There are many options to choose from when it comes to selecting tiles. Your contractor may present endless samples but don’t get overwhelmed. Stick the classic materials that have stood the test of time on walls and floors such as porcelain, ceramic, and marble. Once you select your tiles, don’t forget about the grout! This is extremely important as it seals out dirt and water. It is also part of the structural integrity of the installation. Grout also comes in a variety of different colours that you can choose from, from white to pink to black. Ask yourself, do you want the grout to stand out or do you want it to match the tile? Is the grout in a high splash zone area or will it be in a fairly dry place? If the grout will be in a high splash zone, consider installing synthetic grout instead of ceramic grout.

Think About Power

Before you get too far into your renovation, you’ll want to consider where all of the electrical outlets will go. Where is the easiest place to plug in your electric toothbrush or your hairdryer? You could even put an outlet inside of your medicine cabinet! Would you like outlets with USB compatibility for device charging? There are so many options and it’s easy to meet all of your expectations if you think about this early on.

Do You Have Enough Storage?

A little shower niche for soap and shampoo or custom cabinetry built in-between the wall studs can be a game-changer! Not everybody has the luxury of having a lot of square footage to work with, so you have to get creative for a small bathroom remodel. Other space-saving opportunities include tankless toilets and compact sinks.

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