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The kitchen is the heart and soul of the house, and the cabinets are an important part of it. The kitchen cabinets suit the room’s decorative and practical needs. In order to improve the beauty and practicality of your kitchen, upgrading the cabinets is always a good option, as cabinets are the major focal point of a kitchen. When it comes to upgrading the cabinets in a kitchen, homeowners often have two options: cabinet refacing, which involves installing new doors and drawer fronts on existing cabinet frames or replacing the cabinet. Because of the greater cost, the cost to reface cabinets is generally the preferred option for most clients because it allows you to start over with a new kitchen design. Refacing is the least disruptive (and less expensive) of the two options because it simply improves particular features of the cabinets, such as cabinet doors.

One of the most important and difficult decisions you’ll make if you’re planning a basic kitchen improvement or a comprehensive makeover is what to do with your cabinets. New cabinets, on the other hand, can account for nearly half of your total kitchen remodeling expenditure, as they occupy half of the area. Practical and modern kitchen designs, on the other hand, may make all the difference between one working kitchen and one that isn’t. Keep reading to learn more about each approach, as well as the differences between them!

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What Is Kitchen Cabinets Refacing?

The installation of new drawer fronts and doors, as well as the veneering of cabinet boxes, are the two primary components of cabinet refacing. In addition, new cabinet hardware is usually fitted. If the drawers require it, the complete set of drawers can be replaced.

Kitchen Cabinets Refacing Benefits

  • Refacing kitchen cabinets is frequently regarded as providing excellent value for the money spent. The concept of changing specific parts to give the appearance that the entire kitchen cabinets have been replaced allows you to come into your house with a new look and makeover while the work is truly only done to the cabinet doors and fronts. The mainframe and framework stay in place, which reduces labor and task intensity. Because the refacing project is confined to the detachable elements of the cabinets, it may be as large or as little as you like.
  • Second, cabinet refacing might be as simple as repainting and staining your cabinets. The majority of your clients appreciate the appearance of your present cabinet doors, but just not the finish. Refacing has the advantage of allowing you to put a veneer over the top of your cabinets, giving them a whole new look without having to remove or damage them. The possibilities are unlimited, and you won’t have to order takeaway every day for a few weeks while the kitchen is in the process of being remodeled. Because the arrangement of your kitchen stays unchanged and the current cabinets stay in place, you avoid the drawbacks of a complete redesign and remodeling while still receiving a substantial return on investment.
Contemporary kitchen design with white refaced cabinets
Wooden cabinet doors and drawers on a kitchen island

Essentially, the advantages are as follows:

  • You are able to attain the look you would like for your kitchen by replacing cabinet doors and kitchen cupboards- you remodel for less money, effort, and labor.
  • A professional installation in around two to five days, including project management from start to end.
  • There are no hidden plumbing or electrical expenditures, so the flooring does not need to be repaired or replaced.
  • A wide selection of decorative elements to pick from, including traditional and modern door designs and materials.
  • Decorative hardware, moldings, and other accessible accessories can be used to create a fully unique style.
  • Our team is very experienced and talented in dealing with all types of cabinet refacing.

Kitchen Cabinets Refacing Disadvantages

Furthermore, many of the more contemporary and updated internal storage options that allow for easy access are not compatible with older cabinets. Giving the cabinets a new appearance would do nothing to improve or modify their functioning. Furthermore, refacing only pertains to improving the visual components of your cabinets if they are badly built or compromised in some manner. Refacing the kitchen cupboard doors and cabinets would be a costly affair if you suffer from the usage and functionality of your cabinets in the kitchen. Metal cabinets and frames, for example, were highly popular in kitchens for a long time.

Sadly, such materials are out of date and considerably more difficult to work with than when it comes to cabinet refacing; they tarnish and discolor with time, and they aren’t as sleek as they were when they were initially created. Rusted metal cabinets and cabinets with serious structural problems should be replaced entirely, especially if different designs cannot be fitted into them. As a result, if your kitchen cabinets are of poor quality, removing the entire kitchen cabinet is the best option. The expense of refacing kitchen cabinets would be placed on top of the cost of replacing them in the near future, which would be ineffective.

In Essence, the Drawbacks Are as Follows:

  • Inadequate kitchen layout
  • Many remodeling initiatives are carried out to improve the design or layout of the kitchen. Refacing cabinets will not fix this problem.
  • Older cabinets – It’s normal for your home’s cabinets to age over time while you reside there. This results in shelves that are slanted, drooping, or even falling apart. Refacing will not be able to fix these cabinets.
  • Structural difficulties – There might be structural flaws in the house, such as sinking floors that cause cabinet problems. Refacing cabinets will not solve these structural issues.
  • Cabinet Accessories – There is an expanding number of modern cabinet accessories available today to improve the storage, functionality, and style of kitchens in houses. In a refacing project, you would definitely be limited in your capacity to include these items into the present layout/design.
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Replacing Kitchen Cabinets vs Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

While refacing is fantastic and provides several advantages. A better alternative is to replace your kitchen. The cabinets that are currently installed in your kitchen are dismantled and removed. Professional installers position and carefully level the base cabinets to guarantee the countertops stay level, which is a crucial step for your convenience when using them. Counters that have been improperly levelled may ultimately break as a result of the incorrectly levelled frames for your cabinets. By completely replacing your kitchen cabinets, you may drastically alter the layout and function of your kitchen. The major reason to fully remodel your kitchen and replace all of the appliances is for a purpose that goes beyond looks. Customers may confidently select a kitchen that reflects their taste while also catering to their cooking techniques and entertainment needs. This may be accomplished by eliminating the outdated design and replacing it with a more contemporary, ergonomic style for you and your family. Essentially, the kitchen may be remodeled with new cabinets to better suit the habits and requirements of your family.

Because replacing kitchen cabinet doors is a simpler process than refacing them, more highly qualified personnel are assigned to the project to ensure that the new kitchen is installed as quickly as possible. The advantages outweigh the expense, even if it is more expensive than refacing. Many consumers opt for fresh new, custom-built drawer boxes as their preferred option. As many homeowners desire to improve the remainder of their kitchen, many replacements might also include flooring and countertop upgrades. Professionals highly advise replacing the sink and faucet, as well as the countertops, whether they are in good shape or not. Allowing yourself the freedom to reorganize the kitchen area from the ground up to create a plan that is customized to your needs would make the culinary process much faster and more pleasurable. Consider the modern changes to your kitchen that include small things like arranging the correct cupboards near to the stove to make taking cups off the shelf simpler. Little things may make a big difference in your life, boosting your mood and making each day much more pleasurable than the day before.

Cabinet Replacement Is Typically Recommended When:

  • you are constructing a house
  • you are adding on to your kitchen
  • you need to change the layout of your kitchen
  • the cabinets in your home are in a terrible state
  • you are remodeling your kitchen from the ground up to improve its aesthetic appeal, functionality, and features
Remodeled white kitchen cabinets
Modern black kitchen cabinets in open studio concept apartment

To summarize, if you detest the design of your kitchen cabinets, are ready for a fresh new appearance with new colors, and your cabinet drawers appear to be falling apart as they are off track, making everyday activities more difficult and time-consuming, it is time to contact us at Moose Kitchen and Bath. We will provide you with sound advice on which path to follow since we feel that a more organized kitchen allows our clients to live a more relaxed lifestyle. We provide custom-built cabinets, as well provide services such as reface kitchen cabinets with matching cupboards, to fulfill all of your desires.

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