What is the Real Cost of Remodelling Your Bathroom with Tile?

You have to be picky when it comes to your bathroom renovations — especially if you’re dealing with tile. The bathroom is one of the most valuable remodeling jobs you can take on when you’re trying to build up resale value in your home. With so many options including ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles, and more, the experts at Moose Kitchen and Bath can help you determine the right flooring type for your project. A very important factor though of course is the cost. What kind of budget are you working with? This will help you narrow down such an important renovation decision.

The True Cost of Bathroom Tile Installation

Square footage is the easiest way to determine approximately how much your bathroom tile installation will cost. The bigger the bathroom, the more expensive the project is going to be. On average, material for tiling jobs will cost between $3.50 and $9.50 — depending on the type of tile and quality of the material.

Ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone are on the higher end of the spectrum. This price typically includes labour charges as well, which typically amount to anywhere from $1,000 to 1,500. This price is determined by the job’s difficulty, how much work is needed for prep and if a new subfloor is required.

Tile Price per Square Foot

Wondering how much tile installation costs Depending on local labour rates in your region and the type of project you’re taking on, costs could vary widely. Tiling a shower will run a much different cost than a backsplash.

Another expensive but sometimes necessary add-on is the backboard to make available a proper tiling service, and this can run as much as an additional $6 per square foot.

Type of TileTile Cost Per Sq ftLabor Cost Per Sq ftTotal Cost Per Sq ft
Ceramic$2$5 – $12$7 – $14
Encaustic Cement$2$5 – $12$7 – $14
Slate$3$5 – $12$8 – $15
Quartzite$5$6 – $13$11 – $18
Porcelain$6$6 – $13$12 – $19
Travertine$6$7 – $14$13 – $20
Natural stone$6$7 – $14$13 – $20
Marble$8$7 – $14$15 – $24

Average Tile Installation Costs by Project

Condo bathroom remodeling

Cost to Tile a Shower

The cost of tiling a shower can range from $8 to $40.

A contractor will take into account the labour difficulty, size of the shower, materials you’ve selected for the reno, as well as any unique design considerations.

Shower Size32″ x 96″42″ x 96″60″ x 96″
Number of Walls 2 walls | 3 walls 2 walls | 3 walls2 walls | 3 walls
Shower Size 42 SF | 62 SF 56 SF | 84 SF 80 SF | 120 SF
Glazed Ceramic $270 | $406 $364 | $546$520 | $780
Slate$333 | $499 $448 | $672$640 | $960
Porcelain$499 | $749 $672 | $1,008 $960 | $1,440
Natural Stone$562 | $842 $756 | $1,134$1,080 | $1,620
Glass$1,040 | $1,560$1,400 | $2,100$2,000 | $3,000

Cost to Tile a Walk-in Shower

If you’re looking to install tiles in a walk-in shower, the typical cost is from $800 to $3,000 — but this could easily go up if the walk-in shower is very large or the homeowner has requested the use of high-end tiles. In this case, a walk-in shower may cost up to $10,000 to tile.

luxury walk in shower in custom bathroom

Cost to Tile a Bathroom

Are you looking to tile your bathroom walls as well? Aim to budget somewhere between $7 and $25 per square foot. Imagining a typical bathroom with a vanity, cabinets, mirror and a window taking up some wall space, you may end up paying approximately $1,600, but this could range anywhere from $780 to $2,600.

But there are additional costs to consider because bathroom tiles require a cement backer board to defend against moisture damage and mould growth. You will typically pay about $11.00 for each 5’x3’ sheet of cement backer board.

5′ & 8′ wall9.3′ & 8′ wall20′ & 8′ wall26.5′ & 8′ wall
Type of Tile$ Per SF104 SF138.4 SF224 SF274 SF
Glazed Ceramic$7.50$780$1,038$1,680$2,055
Natural stone$13.50$1,404$1,868$3,024$3,699

Cost to Tile a Bathroom Floor

Are you looking to tile a bathroom floor? This could be between $300 and $600 for a small bathroom that is about 40 square feet in size.

You could pay up to $1,100 or more for an average bathroom measuring at 75 square feet. Or you could shell out up to $2,400 for a larger bathroom that is 160 square feet or more.

small custom bathroom renovation
Tile TypeSmall (40 SF)Average (75 SF)Large (160 SF)Huge (210+ SF)
Encaustic Cement$300$563$1,200$1,575
Natural Stone$540$1,013$2,160$2,835

Tile Costs by Type of Tiles

Type of TileCost Per Square Foot
Ceramic$1 – $3
Porcelain$3 – $8
Wood-Look$1 – $10
Vinyl$1 – $3
Stone$5 – $12
Glass$12 – $26
Resilient Tile$1 – $7
Rectified Tile$1 – $6

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles offer the greatest value because their strength is similar to that of porcelain, yet you’ll pay about 50 percent less to use this material for your tiling project. Ceramic tile typically costs between $9 and $18 per square, which also factors in the cost of labour for installation. Ceramic tiles are popular with homeowners because of their resistance to stains and fading in the sun. These tiles are perfect for high-traffic areas of the home such as hallways and entryways.

So if you want a tile that’s going to save money, look great, hold up to the rigours of everyday use and resist dents and scratches, then ceramic is the right choice for you. The only downside to consider for ceramic tiles is the fact that the grout used in installation tends to discolour over time.

Porcelain Tiles

Significantly more expensive at between $15 to $25 per square foot, porcelain tiles either come glazed or unglazed and it’s all decided by where you’re going to install your porcelain tiles. While porcelain is known for its stain-resistant properties and durability, unglazed tiles may need an extra protective coating added for longevity. Porcelain tiles are typically the preferred choice for areas of the home with lots of moisture such as a laundry, bathroom or kitchen.

They’re also very durable when it comes to high amounts of walking traffic. To summarize, porcelain is fairly affordable, although not the cheapest option. It’s also easy to clean, comes in many finishes and can easily hold up to freezing temperatures if you decide to use it in an outdoor space. The biggest detractor of porcelain is the inability to repair it easily if it becomes cracked or chipped.

Glass Tiles

You may find that glass tiles are a better match for your creative sense of design. Costing anywhere from $12 to $26, they are available in a wide range of colours including yellow, green, brown, red, blue and gray. You can purchase glass tiles that are approved for flooring use, however, they are most often used to tile backsplashes and walls only.

Some glass tile manufacturers have opted to provide different shapes and sizes in 12×12” squares that can help you achieve a brick wall look.

Mosaic Tiles

If you want something truly stunning for tile installation then you’ll consider investing in mosaic tiles. This involves a mixture of all sizes of tiles and can be installed on virtually any surface you can think of. But you’re going to pay a little more money for these tiles.

The tiles themselves are not too expensive, coming in as little as $5 per square foot, the installation materials will cost another $1 per square foot — but mosaic tile installation is labour intensive, so your biggest costs will stem from labour charges which are typical $10. You can also agree on a fixed rate, but expect this to cost anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000.

custom walk in shower in amazing bathroom - bathroom renovations
Bathroom Remodeling Project

Stone Tiles

Many homeowners love natural stone and the organic look it lends to all surfaces in the home, especially bathroom floors, walls and showers. And although they are beautiful to look at, natural stone tiles just don’t hold up as well as ceramic ones. They are likely to scratch and dent over time unless you reseal them every year without fail.

It’s important to think if you are willing to invest the time or money to properly take care of your tiles. And now for the price tag: the average cost of installing natural stone tile is between $17 and $25 per square foot.

Tile installation FAQs

A small bathroom that measures only about 40 square feet may cost anywhere from $300 to $600. Ceramic is on the low end while marble would be on the high end
A medium bathroom measuring 75 square feet will typically cost between $500 and $1,200
A larger bathroom will cost between $1,200 and $2,400 if that bathroom measures about 160 square feet
A very large bathroom, which means 200 square feet or more, will run you somewhere between $1,500 and more than $3,000, again, depending on the materials you choose and the difficulty of the job at hand

There are many important steps to take before someone can start tiling a bathroom. That all begins with getting rid of the old tiles, as well as any mortar and grout. The surface underneath, whether it’s concrete or a wooden subfloor, must be clean, dry and perfectly smooth. Holes, cracks and imperfections must be repaired. If your tiling project is taking place in a bathroom or other space with extreme moisture, be sure to install whatever special membranes or cement backer board may be required to prevent the growth of harmful moulds and mildews. Finally, the tile layout is pre-planned and the materials are acquired.

If you’ve just installed some new tiles in your shower, then you’ll want to wait the proper amount of time before exposing the new tiles to moisture. You want to wait at least a full day or 24 hours before trying to use the shower. This will give the adhesives and tiles to dry properly into place. Although, some products have longer drying times. Also, if your tiles have been installed in an overly humid environment, or during the hotter months of the year, you may want to give additional time for the tiles and mortar and grout to cure. Of course, you should always consult the manufacturer’s instructions. If you don’t wait long enough to use the tiles, you will weaken them and they will not last as long as they should.

Similar to the tiles themselves, grouting should be left to sit for at least 24 hours before you start walking on the tile you’ve installed, for example, on your bathroom floor. If you don’t wait long enough and walk on the tiles before the grout has properly dried, you could make the tiles shift and become uneven — leaving a devastating aesthetic effect that would be very costly and time-consuming to repair. Again, always follow the instructions on the products you’re buying. You won’t regret doing your research and heeding directions when it comes to installing tiles.

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Now that you know the cost to tile a bathroom and the cost to retile a bathroom, you can make an informed decision about your tiling budget. Considering tile installation costs in Canada is essential during your planning. The cost to retile a shower or ceramic tile installation cost is determined by several factors including the size of the space, unique design considerations, and the quality of materials you’ve chosen.

The tile experts at Moose Kitchen and Bath are here to help you design and install the perfect tile project you’ve been thinking about for years. It’s time to take the first step, contact Moose Kitchen and Bath today to book your free, no-obligation consultation.

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