Need a new kitchen design? A contemporary kitchen encompasses everything there is to love about a kitchen – captivating colour schemes, sleek cabinetry, and a minimalistic approach. Contemporary kitchens offer incredible opportunities for homeowners to think outside the box and embrace unique design trends and ideas for their kitchens. We’ve listed some of our favourite contemporary kitchen ideas we think you should check out!

Our Top Picks of Contemporary Kitchen Designs 2023

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Pops of colour and pattern

Using vibrant colours for your cabinetry and backsplash adds fun and excitement. The key is to add just the right amount of colour. Too many different colours and patterns may make your kitchen look chaotic and overwhelming.

If you going to go with this modern contemporary kitchen idea, keep the walls and countertops white.

Dark wood cabinets

Dark wood cabinets add a dashing touch. Wood gives a room a warm and rich look, and adding a hint of colour in other areas of your kitchen gives this look a cozy ambiance.

Consider installing decorative lighting options like pendant lights or a chandelier to make this look a sure winner.

Modern slab doors

Slab doors are one of the staple elements of contemporary kitchens. Pairing them with a beautiful quartz countertop creates a sleek and breathtaking look, making your kitchen both practical and stunning at the same time.

For some added charm, consider using walnut shelves.

Statement hood kitchens

A cooker hood that stands out is an unexpected but pleasant surprise. Whether you’re going for a traditional or minimalistic look, an intricately designed hood that has a distinct colour is always a winner.

Kitchen hoods often don’t get much attention, but this look makes it a statement piece.

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Goodbye to upper cabinets

Recent trends have given way to more smart storage options, so we’re ditching upper kitchen cabinets and adopting more modern contemporary cabinets. More homeowners are embracing this as a trend because they love the clutter-free look.

Plus, clever storage options like drawers on kitchen islands or racks that slide out when cabinet doors are opened are becoming more popular.

Full wall cupboards

Finding clever ways to blend style and function is the ultimate goal of contemporary kitchen designs.

Full wall cupboards are not only great at providing additional storage, but they can create a seamless look that extends from the bottom to the top of the kitchen wall.

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White kitchen with waterfall island

White is classic, regal, and perfect for a contemporary kitchen design. It accentuates clean lines and a sleek design that exudes elegance and class.

A waterfall kitchen island is an absolute stunner, and adding a combination of texture and darker hues to the backsplash and cabinetry creates a contrast that is alluring and stunning.

Glossy features

Adding a glossy finish to kitchen surfaces like countertops, shelving, and cabinets makes a bold statement and adds a rich quality to your kitchen surfaces.

Not only is this look attractive, but glossy surfaces are easy to clean.

Geometric backsplash

Add some excitement and intrigue to your backsplash by using creative, eye-catching patterns.

Make your backsplash the focal point by adding this touch that personalizes your kitchen and breaks up the monotony in your kitchen space.

Decorative accents

Decorative accents can elevate the style and look of your kitchen and do wonders for your kitchen. Consider decorative elements that are unique and create an unexpected and pleasant touch to the room.

Use table lamps and other fine details to dress up the room with undeniable charm and appeal.

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Statement stone

Stone commands attention and can add tons of character to your kitchen space. It is a great way to personalize your kitchen because the stone is versatile and offers limitless options.

Each year, more and more homeowners are finding creative ways to use stone in interior spaces, and the kitchen is no exception.

Colourful tile

Colour is always a fun element in contemporary kitchens. It can be used to create focal points in certain areas of your kitchen space. Colourful brick tile is all the craze right now.

Consider using coloured tiles in unique ways to create some excitement. The key to doing this right is to keep the rest of your kitchen space fairly simple.

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Warm wood

Incorporating wood into your kitchen makes it look warm and inviting. Opting for warm wood tones can bring out the warmth from your kitchen counter and other features in your kitchen.

Match your kitchen wood with your living room furniture to form a seamless flow between the two spaces.

Bold colours and patterns

Bring the “wow” factor to your kitchen design with bold colours and patterns. This can easily give your kitchen space a fun and vibrant look and feel.

Make the space exciting with contrasting colours and patterns in a balanced way that doesn’t overwhelm the room. The trick is to keep the rest of the kitchen simple.

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Family-friendly contemporary kitchen

We love a kitchen that is designed with the whole family in mind. Make your kitchen space conducive for everyone in your home with a larger kitchen island and additional seating that is comfortable. Install durable and easy-to-clean countertops and flooring, and keep the space free of clutter.

Avoid decorating your countertops with artificial flowers, cookbook racks, spice jars, or other accessories. These tend to make a kitchen look cluttered. Instead, only keep items on your countertops that you need to access quickly on a daily basis. If you have small children, keep dangerous or breakable items out of reach by utilizing high shelves.

Modern steel kitchen

Steel is attractive, elegant, and minimalistic – making it one of the most popular contemporary kitchen trends of 2023. Often used in commercial kitchens, we’re now seeing steel used in home kitchens. In addition to stainless steel appliances and cabinets, consider stainless steel for your countertops and shelving. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, steel is durable and nonporous, meaning it does not support the growth of bacteria.

It is also easy to clean and does not stain. Stainless steel is suitable for indoor and outdoor kitchens, is 100% recyclable, and comes in several finishes. A matte finish gives the space a warm touch and makes fingerprints and small marks less visible. Polished or mirror finishes makes the kitchen look brighter and more contemporary.

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Olive green kitchens

Olive is a very gentle and soft colour and creates a beautiful neutral accent in your kitchen. Green shades are about nature and olive is an earthly paint colour that we’re loving in 2023.

It pairs beautifully with white or black interiors to form a winning combination.

Black kitchens

Black doesn’t naturally come to mind when considering kitchen designs, but it is one of the popular kitchen colour trends of the year. Black is dramatic and is a bold kitchen colour scheme. Use different textures to create a variety of black tints and effects.

Pairing black kitchens with natural materials and softer colours creates a beautiful contrast. Consider installing timber textures to add warmth to the space or brass accents for a metallic touch. A gloss finish is another way to soften the overall look.

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Black and blue

It’s official, black and blue go together. They create a fascinating combo in a modern kitchen.

Adding dramatic patterns to countertops and other spaces creates a beautiful final look.

Ready for your next kitchen remodel?

There are many contemporary kitchen design ideas that can do wonders for your kitchen space. Moose Kitchen and Bath are the experts behind many stunning new kitchens across the GTA. We’d be happy to help you transform your kitchen into the breathtaking space we know it can be. Call us today and let’s get started on your new kitchen!

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